The foundation for Uniworth was laid in 1971 and by the Grace of Allah achieved various milestones in the last four decades. We started our business with manufacturing of kid’s and ladies’ garments and then in 1991 transformed the company into the country’s largest complete men’s wardrobe manufacturers and retail sales network. Our company is proud to be the innovators and pioneers of men’s formal and casual wear in Pakistan. This brand represents a corporation which has been serving the nation’s clothing needs for over 40 years. We are proud to be the trendsetters in revolutionising men’s attire and changing their professional impressions from limited traditional choices to horizons of new dynamics, modernistic experimentations, contemporary colour combinations and the latest styles while providing the utmost quality. To maintain the best quality of our wardrobe series, we are constantly introducing new series of shirts, trousers and formal, semi-formal and casual suitings according to the latest fashion trends. If required, we also provide custom-tailoring of our products according to a customer’s specific needs. Keeping these things in mind, Uniworth Black (an Ultra-premium Range of Men’s Wardrobe) was launched by Uniworth in the year 2012. Since then we have established three exclusive outlets in Lahore and Islamabad which are exclusively stocked with the Uniworth Black label products. We have also collaborated with Pakistan’s most established and pioneer formal men’s wardrobe chain “Shirt & Tie Shop” outlets and are pleased to announce that Uniworth Black label products are widely available at Shirt & Tie Shops nationwide. Uniworth Black is proud to be the first ever nation-wide men brand with its unique concept, design and product range. The purpose of creation of label “Black” is to deliver the highest level of elegance to those who are not compromising to wear the best a wardrobe can offer! Each Uniworth Black showroom is designed as a single sales unit where a customer can walk in and buy a premier & classic range of formal and semi-formal suiting, ethnic attires and accessories like ties, wallets, cufflinks and many other things.